​Shadrack: Which one?​secrets, yeah?​Thando: You've got one ​Oh, jeez... Oh!​, ​my stories.​

​Just no more ​Thandos are for.​

​( disgusted huff )​websites: ​I'm sure you've all heard ​

​I got us.​

​You know, that's what the ​

​( in Tswana ) Tumi, don't touch anything.​

​This information from ​in this family.​

​even think that. Okay?​How?​Thank you.​

​playing )​the relationship person ​

​was crazy to ​

​him to death.​( in Tswana ) Let's go.​( closing theme music ​I'm not exactly ​anywhere and I ​man and marry ​

​somewhere, please?​

​catch a fսck¡ng break?​to say.​I'm not going ​

​our drama. Just... go get your ​

​Can we talk ​Tumi: Can't a girl ​note, I don't know what ​Well, us.​

​Forget all of ​

​on crazy, right?​me... ♪​

​On a serious ​

​That's if you'll have me.​Mom, Valencia, the sperm donor.​little messed up. We can build ​

​♪ Do walk with ​

​( laughing )​with you.​

​me and...​We're all a ​

​safe ♪​( singing off-key ) You... are my destiny.​

​of my life ​So forget about ​Not you, Themba, water works too.​

​♪ Do keep me ​( laughing )​spend the rest ​

​And that's everything.​supply.​

​you.​I need.​about getting married, is getting to ​

​you deserve.​

​great wine, which I can ​have to tell ​

​the love that ​

​The best part ​to have what ​the past with ​.. there's something I ​

​A heart and ​

​I was wrong.​Sis, I want you ​

​get together, we break bread, we wash down ​

​♪ It's not here, my Kingdom... ♪​

​I breathe.​me.​

​that feels.​

​time where we ​our bullshit...​

​the air that ​the attention on ​

​I know how ​This is the ​other out on ​

​You are... you were... and will be... the soul and ​

​aisle, or having all ​

​( phone vibrates )​

​Also, it's Christmas, guys.​Look, seeing that we're... we're being real, and we're calling each ​( sighs )​

​you down the ​to him.​

​deal. You saw it.​

​safe... ♪​


​father to walk ​what to say ​She's the real ​♪ Do keep me ​

​with for this ​

​was the dresses, or having a ​I don't even know ​



​I was tasked ​

​about getting married ​

​Beauty: It's Sbu.​


​Oh, man. ( groans )​

​one thing that ​

​the best part ​

​that for you?​

​My sister's not like ​

​( laughs )​to do the ​
​I always thought ​me to answer ​And my sister, she...​

​( cheering )​

​I don't do speeches, but I have ​

​( big sigh )​

​ Tumi: Do you want ​really good people.​

​( fireworks exploding )​

​Yeah, so um...​

​( singing ends )​( phone vibrates )​Because shame, these people are ​

​here... ♪​( clears throat )​( singing )​

​( in Tswana ) No way!​

​rack up.​♪ Don't leave me ​the cross, come down, as in now, please.​)​Refiloe:​sins that I ​

​I do.​( in Tswana ) Sweet Jesus on ​

​( singing dies down ​outside, counting you down.​

​debts on the ​safe... ♪​

​to my head.​

​( ululating )​( in Tswana ) I'll be waiting ​

​family paying the ​♪ Do keep me ​the wine gets ​( loud shout )​Thando: Five minutes!​thing, right, I don't want my ​safe ♪​

​something just before ​( happy singing )​Beauty: It's fine.​

​This is my ​♪ Do keep me ​like to say ​Oh!​is five minutes, guys.​

​Umm...​want me?​

​I too would ​on speed dial, right?​

​All I need ​Thank you, Ma.​

​You sure you ​

​Tumi: Umm...​I have Cyril's inauguration guy ​

​talk to you.​

​Let her finish, please.​want this?​)​You do know ​she doesn't want to ​the second coming.​

​You sure you ​( cheering and applause ​you, guys...​

​read the room, ( in Tswana ) you'd see that ​

​standing here until ​♪ Keep me safe... ♪​Vusi: Hear-hear!​But how did ​

​Well, if you could ​everything that you've done, we'd all be ​

​this up.​

​day.​my child.​( clears throat )​

​you're apologizing for ​

​I'm gonna mess ​a more perfect ​

​saying I'm so sorry ​Refiloe:​Valencia: Listen, I'm sure if ​.. and chances are ​Yeah, and I couldn't ask for ​

​Valencia: It's your mother ​with my sister?​

​that, is not cool.​♪ Keep me safe... ♪​

​come true.​Sbu: Okay, what's going on?​have a moment ​on you like ​

​fuck-ups...​Ladies and gentlemen, Christmas wishes do ​

​( laughing )​Could I please ​

​To drop it ​It's just I'm a... walking list of ​

​the most.​♪ Move on... ♪​Yeah.​thing.​♪ My Kingdom... ♪​

​care about me ​♪ Move on, it's hurting ♪​let anyone in!​Yeah, and also, it's the baby ​

​.. all the time.​the people that ​♪​You weren't meant to ​

​sobriety is good.​♪ My home... ♪​my life, in front of ​

​♪ So move on ​


​ending Themba's sobriety because ​that night...​the love of ​

​move on ♪​Refiloe!​And I'm sorry for ​I think about ​To be marrying ​

​♪ That we've got to ​were still here.​


​You know, I...​

​I wanted.​

​understand ♪​( in Tswana ) I heard you ​sleeping with your ​

​♪ Keep me safe... ♪​Sbu: So, this is what ​

​♪ You've got to ​

​Umm...​I'm sorry for ​


​( clears throat )​

​style ♪​Tumi: Hey.​

​let you know.​


​to me.​♪ ...with a different ​

​It's fine. It's okay.​

​If you're not sure, I'd love to ​No.​nicest thing she'll ever say ​

​Um, um, what's...​it is. You didn't, should've, could've...​

​of me.​much better.​

​( laughs ) It's probably the ​Thobela dance ♪​

​It is what ​

​you must think ​song, it would've been so ​

​of us.​♪ We'll do the ​
​should have!​I know what ​
​you should've sung that ​( in Zulu ) you're now one ​
​Thobela dance ♪​Of course you ​
​Oh, sorry.​( in Xhosa ) I still think ​
​What matters is ​♪ We'll do the ​
​my number one.​Ma?​
​blazing!​fall short.​♪ Greetings, greetings, greetings... ♪​I should've made you ​
​( in Zulu ) Hello, everyone.​So, yes, your speech... Your speech was ​
​.. but we all ​just now!​want it, Sister.​
​Whew! All of you.​
​here... ♪​Thando: Huh?​
​( in Zulu ) We'll be there ​out there, if you still ​Tumi: Knock-knock.​
​♪ Don't leave me ​be royalty, monied, or raised right...​

​Vusi: Where are you?​

​( in Tswana ) Now there's an aisle ​

​( doorbell rings )​♪​

​be Zulu, you may not ​

​Siya: Hello.​

​going to work.​we are.​♪ Walk with me ​You may not ​( phone rings )​

​yourself is not ​

​( in Tswana ) We are who ​me.​

​All my children.​

​phone calls.​feeling sorry for ​in shame, Bokang.​

​( in Xhosa ) Because you need ​children.​

​not answering my ​( in Tswana ) This thing of ​

​( in Tswana ) There's no life ​

​world could wait, you know.​Here's to my ​

​I love is ​

​as a squad.​she was beautiful.​

​What? I figured the ​Valencia: Attention, please.​When the woman ​( in Tswana ) We're friends. We roll together. People know us ​

​had spoken out, we would've told her ​or some sh¡t like that?​( background talking )​

​( in Zulu ) What Christmas spirit?​me.​

​( in Tswana ) If only she ​

​feeding orphans or... saving the world ​( laughing )​spirit?​

​to work for ​these things?​

​to be like ​

​♪ Come down... ♪​Ah! Where's your Christmas ​is not going ​

​telling me all ​

​Tumi: So anyway, aren't you supposed ​

​( applause )​home.​

​of Honor, ( in Tswana ) but this one-man pity party ​( in Tswana ) Why are you ​

​here... ♪​

​♪ For... ♪​( in Zulu ) I'm getting sun-burnt. Please, let's go back ​crown of Maid ​

​Why...​♪ Don't leave me ​♪​now.​giving me the ​


​♪ Let the road ​

​around for hours ​with you not ​

​she was.​

​♪ My home, keep me safe ​

​( cheering )​We've been driving ​

​I can deal ​

​talk about, was how beautiful ​♪​

​to scream... ♪​

​Sbu: ( in Zulu ) Uncle.​

​( in Tswana ) You know what?​

​( in Tswana ) At her funeral, all anyone could ​

​♪ Keep me safe ​

​be the one ​traffic light, sometimes you're...​

​( in Tswana ) Beauty, my girl.​( in Tswana ) She killed herself.​♪ My home ♪​♪ I don't want to ​( in Zulu ) Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you're like a ​( in Tswana ) My goodness.​


​♪​of dice.​

​( phone ringing )​

​( in Tswana ) What happened to ​

Tswana Love Poems For Him

​♪ Jerusalem my home ​a fool again ​like a game ​


​her again.​)​♪ I don't wanna be ​

​( in Zulu ) Life is just ​

​( sad music playing ​

​( in Tswana ) We never saw ​

​( upbeat music continues ​

​kiss the bride.​

​( in Zulu ) Just imagine.​Yeah.​

​days after that.​

​Happy!​Minister: You may now ​

​as well.​

​an old car.​day and the ​

​there... ♪​

​it... ♪​

​claimed his child ​( in Zulu ) I'm resilient like ​

​( in Tswana ) Then the next ​

​♪ Hold it right ​

​♪ I thought we'd never make ​

​with Mary and ​

​What about you?​school at all.​)​process ♪​( in Zulu ) They had sеx ​your woman. I'm telling you.​

​( in Tswana ) One day, she didn't come to ​

​( upbeat music playing ​♪ I trusted the ​


​( in Zulu ) Go and get ​she was hurting.​

​( whispers ) Get out.​

​will last ♪​

​( in Zulu ) You see, my boy, at least you're not like ​

​Mom and Dad.​

​( in Tswana ) I could tell ​Get out.​

​♪ I felt it ​Siya:​

​your woman. Don't listen to ​herself.​all of that.​♪​

​the top... ♪​

​( in Zulu ) Go and get ​( in Tswana ) She kept to ​find someone ( in Zulu ) who'll give you ​

​we broke it ​♪ Until we reach ​wants that woman.​herself as ugly.​

​I... I hope you ​

​♪ I know when ​♪​in here that ​( in Tswana ) She thought of ​much more, and I hope...​

​♪​♪ We're just climbing ​

​( in Zulu ) My brother, listen. There's a voice ​

​as being ugly.​

​You deserve so ​at the seams ​

​♪ We ain't begging ♪​want her. You love her.​

​( in Tswana ) Back then, being dark-skinned was deemed ​person.​♪ Pull me apart ​♪ We ain't dropping ♪​

​( in Zulu ) I know you ​

​( in Tswana ) Midnight darkness.​

​( in Zulu ) I'm a shitty ​♪ It ♪​

​♪ We ain't stopping ♪​

​heart, man.​

​( in Tswana ) She was dark-skinned, very dark.​

​of sh¡t.​♪ Break ♪​


​Listen to your ​to school with?​

​I'm a piece ​

​to me ♪​♪ And you know ​

​( laughing )​

​girl I went ​)​♪ And sing it ​

​♪ And you know... ♪​Drum magazine.​

​you about this ​

​( sad music playing ​

​♪ Hear it ♪​( in Zulu ) This boy!​to write for ​

​( in Tswana ) Have I told ​

​( in Zulu ) Listen.​♪ Say it ♪​

​a bath!​

​( in Zulu ) I've always wanted ​( in Tswana ) Why're you asking?​tonight.​)​

​questions. Go and take ​


​Yes.​fight with you ​( whistling and ululating ​Siya: Enough with the ​



​the mood to ​

​you... ♪​

​Okay, I'm going!​Dolly from Drum ​( in Tswana ) Oh. That boy from ​Look, Themba, I'm not in ​

​♪ I only want ​

​a bath, prisoner!​( in Zulu ) You mean Sis ​

​message.​( music ends )​you ♪​( in Zulu ) Go and take ​

​Sis Dolly?​friend a text ​)​

​♪ I'm thinking of ​

​my room.​

​( in Zulu ) What, are you now ​

​( in Tswana ) Uh-huh. Was sending my ​( upbeat music playing ​

​love you ♪​Get out of ​

​relationship advice now?​( in Tswana ) Are you busy?​
​and changes )​but I still ​
​a bath, prisoner.​So you're giving me ​
​)​( music dies down ​♪ Things are ruined ​
​( in Zulu ) Go and take ​on that, man.​

​( knock on door ​

​Everyone: To love!​

​♪ My love ♪​

​( in Zulu ) Please get out.​You can't give up ​

​Tumi: Well, that didn't last long.​To love.​your love ♪​Merry Christmas!​

​( in Zulu ) You are annoying.​talk about everything, let's go.​love.​

​♪ I'm wet from ​( gasps ) What the fսck, Uncle?​together.​

​( in Tswana ) We don't have to ​

​go and embracing ​

​♪ It's raining, and I'm wet ♪​


​are annoyingly good ​father?​

​So here's to letting ​( romantic singing )​

​( playful music playing ​

​and you guys ​( in Tswana ) Who is my ​love... ♪​Thank you.​

​( alarm beeping )​( in Zulu ) She's your woman ​

​Tumi: So...​♪ God gave us ​

​start shortly.​

​in some favors?​

​( in Zulu ) Don't do that.​

​Yeah.​love ♪​

​( in Zulu ) We're about to ​Can we call ​

​hold you back.​Dineo: Home time.​

​♪ God gave us ​their seats.​

​Something like what?​a reason to ​)​

​denied.​Vusi: All right, can everybody take ​

​special for him.​

​you, and give Mom ​

​( sad music ends ​

​can never be ​or...​should do something ​all get to ​Woman: That' s so sweet.​a Beauty that ​as a friend ​( in Zulu ) I think we ​But I mean, ( in Zulu ) don't let it ​)​But love is ​

​So what? Am I here ​the Sibusiso issue, you know.​

​everything that happened.​

​( sad music continues ​of your vocabulary.​

​wedding, Northern suburbs.​to talk about ​

​messed up, not telling you ​here.​

​is not part ​Well, I mean, FOMO. I wasn't going to, but intimate private ​

​( in Zulu ) I want us ​

​( in Zulu ) I know Beauty ​I'm your mother, and I'll always be ​

​to say sorry, even when sorry ​

​You came.​

​( in Zulu ) Listen... Umm.​( in Zulu ) Look here.​Tumi, look at me.​It's the ability ​♪​All right.​

​Themba:​( groans ) I'm a mess.​Love is uncomfortable.​

​♪ Here's my love, it's all yours ​recalled Mbeki.​Hmm...​( sighs )​

​mess.​♪​time, actually since we ​( in Zulu ) What is it, man?​( chuckles )​

​dismissive, even if you're a hot ​

​♪ Here, take my heart ​

​in a long ​at some point.​a bath.​

​You know, it's never ever ​Moipone: Oh, thank you.​

​in this bedroom ​

​cut the cord ​And that's why she's hiding in ​Love is accepting.​own.​

​I haven't seen you ​We need to ​not the same.​

​playing )​( in Tswana ) If you fall, you're on your ​

​( indistinct speech )​we?​Our scars are ​

​( soft romantic music ​

​Dineo:​( in Zulu ) There's nothing.​So who are ​

​full mother experience.​

​there for you.​( in Tswana ) Yes, I'm being careful.​

​knife and I'll stab you.​free will.​

​Mama, Beauty got a ​

​that it's always been ​Moipone:​

​I'm carrying a ​

​God gave them ​


​it, otherwise you... you might miss ​

​( in Tswana ) Be careful, Sister Moipone.​me as if ​

​( in Tswana ) And the trustworthy ​( sad music playing ​

​heart to receive ​

​Dineo:​( in Zulu ) You're looking at ​

​for them. ( scoffs )​what you needed.​open up your ​

​( Valencia laughs )​

​( in Zulu ) Nothing.​( in Zulu ) We do everything ​I knew that... she'd give you ​You have to ​

​( in Zulu ) Okay, let's go.​

​( in Zulu ) What is it?​it.​

​your granny because ​It's unexpected.​

​( chuckles )​

​man.​good they have ​

​left you with ​

​Love is...​in my eye.​

​Go get your ​These kids, they don't know how ​

​( in Tswana ) That's why I ​

​without catching feelings.​

​No, it's just something ​



​street or... teasing each other ​

​( in Zulu ) Are you crying?​

​Get up.​

​( in Tswana ) My daughters aren't loving me ​

​share my weight ​

​side of the ​)​

​It's cool, babe.​

​( in Zulu ) My sons, they hate me.​

​that I could ​

​Whether it's... singing at the ​

​( joyful singing continues ​

​being my sister.​

​have, right?​( in Tswana ) I didn't have anyone ​

​create together.​♪​

​about you not ​

​precious things we ​child... with a child.​

​memories that we ​( in Zulu ) She's actually ours ​

​what I said ​

​( in Tswana ) And our children, they're the most ​I was a ​

​times and the ​ours ♪​

​I shouldn't have said ​worlds apart, but we're both mothers.​me feel it.​It's the fun ​

​( in Zulu ) The bride is ​dad.​( in Tswana ) Our budgets are ​

​Don't think you've never made ​

​Love is effortless.​( singing )​

​don't have a ​I know.​


​what love is.​away.​

​man, and now you ​

​lovely home.​Okay, I was a ​

​that I know ​Sbu: Sorry, sorry! I got carried ​I mean... You don't have friends, you don't have a ​Dineo: You have a ​

​age of seventeen?​so much love ​)​

Tswana Love Poems For Him

​For what?​the floor )​

​pregnant at the ​be surrounded with ​

​( shouts of protest ​I'm sorry.​( balls clatter on ​think I fell ​But I'm lucky to ​( laughing )​

​( giggles )​Themba: Oh. Umm...​much of me ​( soft laughter )​


​minute left.​

​How do you ​soon as we ​Mom, please, can we just ​That's not the ​

​here?​( cell unlocks )​

​Maybe.​the van, she swore at ​

​yourself this time.​)​

​what?​Siya: No, no, no!​Tumi:​You're the slսt!​

​Oh!​Hmm.​It's probably not ​so damn cute ​up wine lists ​

​taste some specials.​You're right.​

​Huh? No!​( huffs )​

​in?​she was wearing.​

​about Sbusiso, you would've been with ​like that?​

​in years.​


​of your circle, ( in Zulu ) you're asking for ​

​woman I love ​

​think you are?​Zulu girl.​

​( in Zulu ) You see Sbusiso, my child, this is a ​fainted and died ​

​I didn't want to ​

​( huffs )​vibe?​

​each other )​

​( in Zulu ) Is that your ​

​So I'm supposed to ​

​shitty day, and I just ​yourself.​

​Sure.​ass can't go a ​

​Your millennial ass ​

​K Dawg.​♪ Bathed with my ​

​woke up ♪​

​( Dineo speaks in ​be annoyed by ​( in Tswana ) It will cry ​

​you, even if they ​( in Tswana ) Beauty asked me.​

​( in Tswana ) I was trying ​

​in his direction. I didn't expect her ​

​Shadrack:​Johnny Walker.​( in Tswana ) Hmm. But you know ​from the beginning.​



​( in Zulu ) I know a ​Yeah.​

​cash heists every ​sister.​

​slept with my ​only person that ​

​( in Zulu ) Do we know ​table )​

​Actually!​round up your ​

​Don't worry, girls, I'll cover it.​and I!​Refiloe:​

​( Grace sighs )​The painkillers are ​

​It's a disease, you know.​( in Zulu ) We used a ​

​also do a ​

​What didn't?​( sad music playing ​Because now I'm single, and I'm pregnant.​

​( in Tswana ) You know, my child, I wanted the ​

​Okay? So I wanted ​

​Tumi, Ma.​Hmm?​that, Ma?​

​( in Tswana ) Not my uncle's livestock.​( in Tswana ) My child, but we have ​for this, okay, and there's no refund.​

​( in Tswana ) My child?​open the door.​

​( in Tswana ) What's going on ​two times more ​

​( in Tswana ) Listen, friend, it could be ​


​♪ Cause I'd like ♪​

​♪ Would you recognize ​

​you recognize ♪​

​♪ With all these ​

​feelings ♪​( sad music continues ​( in Tswana ) Get in the ​

​( in Tswana ) You tried to ​Go away.​

​)​lost a sister.​I care, Beauty.​

​hell it is ​I don't want you ​( in Tswana ) Do you know ​

​at being blood.​had going for ​

​You don't know what ​something.​It could be ​

​find out your ​Hey...​yourself, like, just before you're sorry?​Don't you get ​hers, I...​

​Look, I tried to ​

​in us.​

​Sbu, what are you ​

​This should be ​sh¡t that every ​Putting a ring ​You're all that ​family? What about me?​So you hid ​


​boys ♪​

​( in Tswana ) Please, let’s talk!​( in Tswana ) Mr. Twala!​

​( stammering ) No.​

​this damn pregnancy ​Oh! That'd be good.​

​( in Tswana ) What? No Bible verses ​

​do we have ​( in Tswana ) Trust me, Aunty, this is me ​( in Tswana ) For Christ’s sake, say something!​to say for ​( somber music playing ​of pretending?​

​of us.​

​the wedding.​come New Year.​She's still our ​

​This is not ​So final.​

​you run through ​

​statistic over it.​

​Tumi: What?​

​Beauty: Uh, do you wanna ​

​slip a secret. But this time, after some soul ​

​at you, I see so ​

​Cape Town as ​wasn't right, and it wasn't Christian.​

​on Christmas Eve.​Why are you ​

​playing )​

​right now?​put her in ​

​You've really outdone ​( solemn music playing ​( in Zulu ) Do you know ​

​( in Zulu ) I'll be back.​

​( in Zulu ) I'm okay.​just call me?​

​valuables alone.​me... home.​me one.​

​drink for being ​Someone who makes ​

​( in Zulu ) I'm going to ​Siya: Hmm?​loses a sister?​

​people, no.​I'm an expert ​

​wearing the dress ​Lydia: If you cared ​( in Zulu ) speak to me ​

​the same bed ​

​marriage is so ​

​No, my boy, all I'm saying is, you marry out ​

​down on the ​

​Who do you ​( in Zulu ) You should've married a ​( clears throat )​

​when the bride ​so hot that ​( Gogo Twala )​you call a ​( bottles clang against ​

​fսck you, very much.​

​all the way.​I had a ​( in Zulu ) You're full of ​this side.​

​And your lying ​

​find me here?​the bath... ♪​

​the bath ♪​♪ I slept and ​

​( laughing )​( in Tswana ) Would you rather ​

​here?​yet, Dini, they'll still need ​( in Tswana ) Who asked you?​

​Dineo: Impressed?​

​I pointed Beauty ​up? I just don't understand.​walking.​

​( in Tswana ) It's just madness.​

​( in Tswana ) I should've told them ​Okay.​

​( in Zulu ) That's cool.​actually boring.​

​( in Zulu ) Do you drink?​people in jail, people who commit ​exposed your own ​

​( in Zulu ) The one who ​You're probably the ​Siya:​

​( glass taps on ​wear.​

​( in Tswana ) How about you ​

​and I!​( in Tswana ) It's just you ​

​two more shots, please.​

​Shadrack!​( groans )​

​( sighs )​

​the way.​

​Maybe Tumi should ​

​What happened today?​

​Your home.​good job, Ma.​kid.​think.​Because I'm not like ​pastes our past?​Which family is ​real food, like room service.​

​the menu.​Beauty: Sbu's parents paid ​

​)​in, and she doesn't want to ​Dineo:​Beauty: How so? Technically, I've been divorced ​

​Okay, okay.​to call you ​fill ♪​

​♪​♪ But now would ​

​do ♪​♪ With all these ​

​( in Tswana ) Come along, man!​)​

​( in Tswana ) Hello, Ma.​

​) Beauty, friend, come on.​

​( sad music continues ​

​my husband, and you just ​pretend anymore, okay?​

​to Cape Town, do whatever the ​

​You're toxic, Tumi.​

​have a sister.​at everything, but you can't be bad ​

​thing, is all you ​

​this for you. I was happy.​reason to break ​anything with you.​

​day that you ​


​Can't you stop ​I'm sorry.​churchy look of ​I'm sorry, B.​

​You've broken something ​get.​


​from the usual ​

​through this, baby.​you.​

​look to my ​

​Oh, my family?​

​when I found ​

Tswana Love Poems For Him

​Sbu: What the hell? ( in Zulu ) Beauty, why didn’t you tell ​out with my ​Dineo:​


​)​care is about ​with your grandmother.​

​And then?​

​How many courses ​Tumi:​

​know, Dineo.​old man have ​No.​

​All you have? You're not tired ​

​on the both ​Just until after ​

​I'm an orphan ​

​fսck¡ng hypocrite.​Sure.​sounds so good.​You know when ​

​become a December ​

​Beauty: Tumi!​)​

​Beauty by letting ​That is impossible.​

​( in Tswana ) You know, when I look ​

​a plane to ​

​ I know it ​

​place like this ​Tumi: Great. Here we go.​( light playful music ​care of this ​

​( in Tswana ) When my colleagues ​Tumi: Merry fսck¡ng Christmas, Tumi.​Man: It's okay, it's okay.​( yelling )​



​( in Tswana ) Huh? What did you ​

​Sweetie, you know, you shouldn't leave your ​You... can just take ​

​Then you buy ​

​You know, you deserve a ​

​a sommelier is?​going now?​Tumi: You know what?​Who the fսck ​

​keys like normal ​

​You know what ​

​( in Zulu ) I would've also died, if I was ​Themba: Sbusiso!​How dare you ​Dad haven’t slept in ​this because your ​

​your shoe.​

​You're busy looking ​

​Hmm?​own.​chicken feet.​

​all day. We were saved ​1988... The weather was ​Er...​

​( in Zulu ) Is this what ​

​like one.​Been there. Done that.​

​I did come ​

​Look, I...​( scoffs )​

​get a drink ​

​coffee without posting.​

​How did you ​

​♪ Cause it's worse in ​♪ Because it's worse in ​

​)​( sheep bleats )​

​to sleep.​Shadrack, ( in Tswana ) you brought it ​

​( in Tswana ) It's not over ​

​sakes, both of them.​( in Tswana ) Quite honestly, I’m impressed.​( in Tswana ) It was me.​

​even dig him ​

​We keep on ​
​past, it won't help anything.​( giggles )​
​( in Zulu ) There are Maserati's everywhere, so we're good.​
​some drinks.​
​( in Zulu ) This place is ​
​you, girl.​some pretty rough ​
​a marriage and ​Tumi.​


​Hey!​Together: Cheers.​

​weren't able to ​Relax.​It's just you ​Thando: Thank you. Thank you, so much.​

​( in Tswana ) May we get ​

​Moipone: Grace!​one getting sick, Themba?​remember?​

​baby Twala on ​be a father. A single father, but a father.​

​( pained breathing )​

​at home.​Well, you did a ​I had the ​

​me what you ​me that you're pregnant?​

​weddings, or my mother, who cuts and ​family right now.​

​No, Mama, I'm talking about ​

​order everything on ​( in Tswana ) You can't stay here.​( knocking on door ​( in Tswana ) She’s locked herself ​

​48 hours.​

​It's true.​

​( whispers ) Say anything.​

​♪ Oh, I would like ​only you can ​

​for so long ​
​♪​♪ What do I ​
​do ♪​car, Succulent. Come along!​

​( sad music continues ​

​tell me.​( knock on door ​
​B.​Tumi, I just lost ​
​You don't have to ​You know what, it's fine, just go back ​
​No.​down the aisle, sure, but, hey, at least I ​
​at everything, like really bad ​
​Maid of Honor ​

​I wanted all ​

​bad sushi. You'll find a ​

​It could be ​It's not every ​so exhausting being ​

​you've done?​to my head.​

​with that righteous ​)​)​

​anyone can possibly ​

​be gone by ​

​set us aside ​

​We can work ​

​( in Zulu ) I care about ​how it's going to ​

​was trapping you.​

​Sbu, you'd just proposed ​


​♪ Chilling and hanging ​( in Tswana ) Oh, my goodness! You are leaving?​( in Tswana ) Mr. Twala. Mr. Twala.​( dramatic music playing ​Oh! And you just ​( in Tswana ) I should’ve left you ​Five. Yeah!​coming along?​you’re talking to.​

​You know we ​

​( in Tswana ) What did that ​days?​have left.​That man shat ​the emotions, for me.​

​Really? Just now, you find out ​

​finally see her.​

​up?​in your head? Word-for-word and it ​Tumi: About comitting murder.​We don't have to ​

​Tumi: It's the fսck¡ng fast lane, asshоlе!​

​( car engine roaring ​families and devastates ​

​( in Tswana ) It scares me.​


​I'll be on ​singing yesterday.​

​first-born in a ​)​


​( in Tswana ) Maybe, we can take ​good girl.​

​EVE ]​police!​

​Man: Restrain your girlfriend!​handbag.​

​( in Zulu ) You never listen.​

​( in Tswana ) You slսt!​man?​

​fսck the pleasantries.​

​I'm good, thank you.​

​Close enough.​

​Um, you know what ​

​( in Zulu ) Where are you ​

​guilty here, I don't do that.​

​a friend, a father, and a sister.​

​Not phones or ​

​was the '80s.​sinking in alcohol, Themba.​

​friend, I'm your mother!​

​What is that?​that you and ​
​And you say ​the bottom of ​

​Uh-huh, Themba.​

​think you are?​That girl, she's not our ​

​( in Zulu ) Pass me the ​ceremony would take ​a wedding in ​

​two drinks.​your spot?​

​No, he just acts ​You know what? Screw you!​


​for you.​

​I don't have time.​
​( in Zulu ) You know what, let me go ​a cup of ​
​What it do, son?​
​♪​the kitchen ♪​( upbeat music playing ​
​( sheep bleats )​we won't be able ​
​( sheep bleats )​Why?​

​it for their ​with it.​

​was all Tumi.​
​( in Tswana ) Where did they ​
​walking.​( in Tswana ) Stewing on the ​
​of a whοre, isn't she?​
​a car?​
​we could get ​what, um...​( in Zulu ) I'm scared of ​
​( in Zulu ) I left behind ​( in Zulu ) Then you ruined ​my drink.​
​No, but it's a good ​Tumi: Hey!​
​alone.​the dresses we ​
​It's free drinks!​Thando: Last Round!​

​this one first.​Thando:​

​bag.​I the only ​So you do ​
​there's no surprise ​Sbu's going to ​( soft groan )​

​( in Tswana ) You'll find me ​

​Yeah.​last name before ​
​It matters to ​

​( in Tswana ) Why didn't you tell ​

​My sister, who blows up ​

​you need your ​

​at home.​

​sit here and ​

​with you.​room.​

​Hi, Ma.​

​in the last ​( whispers ) Seriously?​to know... ♪​

​sometime ♪​

​♪ It's a hunger ​I've been fighting ​

​♪ Dreaming of you ​inside ♪​♪ What do I ​

​( in Twana ) Come on, get in the ​things wouldn't go well, but I didn't listen because-- Hello.​( in Tswana ) You tried to ​

​Friend, wait. Friend.​

​)​I don't.​

​down there.​I love.​to Sbu.​to walk me ​I knew you'd be bad ​Being my sister, and this whole ​

​true.​It could be ​

​dad, you know.​same.​It must be ​

​bad about what ​

​the blood rush ​I saw her ​

​( sad music continues ​

​( sad music playing ​to trust as ​The hiding, the fears, the half-truths, all that should ​is supposed to ​Now that I'm walking away, right?​

​me?​because you're afraid of ​

​family thinking I ​


​Sbu, wait.​boys ♪​Dineo:​Grace:​Pregnancy?​Tumi!​

​justify your bullshit!​

​Dineo: Five.​( in Tswana ) Uh, Aunt Grace, how’s the food ​( in Tswana ) Boitumelo, that’s your mother ​

​Tumi, relax.​Dineo:​all our lives, what's three more ​

​is all I ​


​Just bottle up ​

​( huffs ) Is she?​that when I ​finally comes out, you mess it ​

​say to someone ​thinking?​there.​

​bit?​face the music.​

​Tumi shocks both ​

​in you.​

​get out of ​skip the sermon. Okay?​hymn you were ​( in Tswana ) I wouldn't leave my ​( cell door squeaks ​

​( in Tswana ) How about a ​

​their mothers, and their grandmothers.​( in Tswana ) She's actually a ​[ 24 DECEMBER CHRISTMAS ​Bartender: I'm calling the ​

​( screams )​( in Zulu ) Oh, I forgot my ​Siya:​Unattended.​

​Is that your ​

​a good idea.​

​and smart.​and sh¡t.​( in Zulu ) You never stop.​Hmm.​( in Zulu ) There's no feeling ​This girl loses ​

​Losing sh¡t.​( in Zulu ) Even though it ​

​him and not ​

​( in Zulu ) I'm not your ​( choking )​( in Zulu ) We all know ​


​like she's stuck on ​Themba: Sbusiso.​Who do you ​blessing.​

​right in church.​go. I thought the ​( in Zulu ) I remember attending ​( in Zulu ) Please give us ​

​( in Zulu ) So this is ​ex?​
​be grateful?​really need my ​

​Okay, Tumi, ( in Xhosa ) I don't have time ​Can we talk?​day without drama.​

​can't even have ​

​K Dizzle, K Money. What it do, son?​

​Aunt's wash cloth ​♪ I bathed in ​

​Tswana )​the sheep, or by Valencia?​

​all night and ​

​don't know it.​She asked me, and didn't ask you. Huh?​to help. I was doing ​to go through ​

​( in Tswana ) But Beauty doesn't poke, I'm sure this ​

​Moipone:​we Sellos, we keep on ​

​( huffs )​( in Xhosa ) She's a bit ​

​( in Zulu ) Do you have ​vibey spot where ​

​Definitely, but you know ​December, but you...​

​( mocking laugh )​nephew.​won't spit in ​

​each other?​

​Refiloe: Hmm.​

​( in Tswana ) Please leave us ​cents, and pay for ​

​Oh! Yes, b¡tch!​Man: Last Round.​

​( in Tswana ) Let me finish ​

​( elevator beeps )​in the toiletry ​

​ Then why am ​cоndоm.​
​pregnancy test, to check if ​
​( sighs )​best for you.​
​to have the ​( sniffs )​

​Beauty.​Hmm?​( in Tswana ) You know that ​so much food ​

​So I'm going to ​Uh-huh, Mom, I'm not coming ​

​( in Tswana ) Please, give us the ​here?​

​than I've been married ​worse, you know.​
​♪ I'd like you ​♪ To call you ​

​♪​♪ It's a need ​

​precious hours ♪​♪ Warming me up ​)​front.​

​tell me that ​


​Thando: Beauty. Friend.​

​( sad music playing ​


​that you do ​near anything that ​

​what, I will talk ​

​No deadbeat dad ​


​that is.​That is not ​

​family sh¡t.​

​dad's not your ​It's not the ​( laughs )​

​tired of feeling ​

​I just felt ​hold out, but... as soon as ​

​( silently crying )​saying?​

​where you're as close ​couple lets in.​
​on your finger ​matters.​

​( in Zulu ) You don't care about ​

​this from me ​I didn't want your ​

​No! Okay, I got scared. I panicked.​

​Beauty: Sbu!​

​♪ Chilling with my ​


​Beauty: Baby.​

​of yours!​( in Tswana ) Maybe, I'd be normal.​

​and amens to ​again?​still being respectful.​


​himself?​)​We've been pretending ​

​Maybe. But this wedding ​Am I missing ​
​Okay, calm down.​mother!​

​going to be ​But when it ​

​exactly what you're going to ​What are you ​

​We looked fսck¡ng lost out ​slow down a ​
​searching, she decides to ​