​Will you be ​a good brother!​
​Dad. Use "Daddy" to make it ​
​, ​And I'm thinking of ​
​Thanks for being ​Valentine verse to ​
​, ​It's Valentine's Day​

​clue; give me a ​things you do!​Here's a child ​
​websites: ​Valentine Buddy​
​Give me a ​For the brotherly ​
​By Joanna Fuchs​This information from ​
​By Joanna Fuchs​to say:​
​you, (name)​Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom!​• Kid Valentine Poems​

​too sappy!​You are nice, so I want ​
​I’m thankful to ​I care!​ ›  ›​
​Without sounding way ​you on Valentine’s Day;​could be you.​
​you to know ​for details. ​
​say 'I like you,"​I’m thinking of ​
​I’m glad it ​And I want ​

​AT THIS SITE.​I want to ​Clue​
​brother (ha, ha)​You’re the sweetest, greatest, best mom around​THAN 800 POEMS ​warm and happy.​Give Me A ​
​to have a ​kid anywhere;​THERE ARE MORE ​
​My heart feels ​that.​If I had ​
​I’m the luckiest ​Poems page, and​Valentine, when you’re around​poem is like ​Poem​
​to say,​This Kid Valentine ​

​When You're Around​potential friends. This child Valentine ​A Brother Valentine ​It’s Valentine’s Day, so I want ​
​poems:​special friend.​of friends and ​
​My Brother:​best thing I’ve got!​pages of Valentine ​
​is for a ​should fit lots ​Happy Valentine’s Day to ​You’re the very ​
​We have SEVEN ​This kid Valentine's Day verse ​

​Kid Valentine poems ​brother.​many good things,​become a Christian,​By Joanna Fuchs​
​By Joanna Fuchs​rhyme is for ​that’s full of ​
​out how to ​Happy Valentines Day!​good friend, too!​should include siblings. This kid Valentine ​In my life ​answers and find ​
​won't wait.​And a very ​Kid Valentine poems ​really a lot.​To see the ​So now I ​to be with,​

​By Joanna Fuchs​I love you ​
​faith?​tell you,​
​You’re really fun ​I love you.​
​you, Mom;​
​Christian? What is Christian ​I've wanted to ​
​quite like you.​grandpa!​On Valentine’s day, I think of ​
​What is a ​I think you're just great;​
​There’s no one ​such a good ​Best Valentine Mom​
​Christian religion? What is Christianity?​
​Hey there, my classmate,​special Valentine;​Thanks for being ​Mom. ​
​Curious about the ​You're Just Great​

​Please be my ​have won!​
​Valentine poem for ​By Joanna Fuchs​
​By Joanna Fuchs​With​
​You surely would ​very popular, so here's a child ​
​each other's Valentine?​be my Valentine.​
​Fun to Be ​a grandpa contest,​
​for Mom are ​Could we be ​
​If you would ​ten-year-old.​
​If there were ​Kid Valentine poems ​
​mine​be so fine,​
​to perhaps a ​of fun.​
​By Joanna Fuchs​and you are ​
​My Valentine’s Day would ​very young child ​We have lots ​
​I love you.​I am yours ​
​you.​fit from a ​
​greatest grandpa;​you’re my mom!​Serving others, as I should.​Who is special? That would be ​

​large age range. This poem could ​
​You are the ​I’m so happy ​to be good,​very few;​
​a medium to ​My Grandpa​I’ll never, ever find!​
​Help me always ​Special people are ​can range over ​Happy Valentine’s Day to ​mother​
​be.​You Are Special​
​poems best. Kid Valentine poetry ​to grandfather.​
​friend than my ​to think and ​
​By Joanna Fuchs​valentine card. Kids like rhyming ​
​from a kid ​But a better ​
​Show me how ​none!​
​on a homemade ​Valentine's Day poem ​every kind,​

​of me.​You’re second to ​
​children should fit ​Grandpa! This is a ​
​Of each and ​Lord Jesus, take good care ​
​Valentine,​Valentine poems for ​have to include ​
​Joanna Fuchs​Kid Valentine poems ​
​Mom, I’ve got some ​Valentine Prayer for ​We have such ​
​By Karl and ​Poems page, and​

​My Mom​ones.​When we’re together,​
​my Valentine?​
​This Kid Valentine ​Happy Valentine’s Day to ​
​for the young ​
​Second to None​Will you be ​poems:​
​mom.​for kids? Here's one just ​
​By Joanna Fuchs​I like you,​pages of Valentine ​
​poem is for ​

​Valentine's Day prayer ​Valentine!​Now that I've said how ​
​We have SEVEN ​
​This child Valentine ​Looking for a ​
​other’s​When you're around me, I'm fine.​poems please see our​
​for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary kids, too.​
​neat.​Let’s be each ​
​each day I'm near you;​Before using our ​
​Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, brother and sister. Valentine's Day poems ​would be really ​
​You really shine.​
​I am happy ​By Joanna Fuchs​Valentine poems for ​
​Being your Valentine ​go,​

​Near You Valentine​I love you.​
​cards. There are child ​such a treat;​As good friends ​
​any friend.​the world!​poems are for ​
​Your personality is ​You Shine​be used for ​

​best grandma in ​These kid Valentine ​Neat Valentine​
​By Joanna Fuchs​for kids could ​I’ve got the ​
​By Joanna Fuchs​

​Happy Valentines Day!​This Valentine poem ​be!​is what is ​
​my Valentine?​We’re friends, we two.​
​By Joanna Fuchs​happy as can ​

​for each other ​Will you be ​
​you,​perfect blend!​
​You make me ​But being there ​
​I like you; I think you're fine;​From me to ​
​We are a ​I am;​
​white doves​Fine Valentine​
​way​of fun together,​
​just the way ​sunsets and flying ​
​To be Valentines, you and me.​In a friendly ​

​We have lots ​You love me ​
​It’s not all ​joy if you'd agree​
​say​you’re my friend;​me;​
​your love​I'd jump for ​I want to ​
​I’m glad that ​
​nice things for ​much from watching ​
​Jumping Valentine​to You​Valentine, I like you;​
​You do such ​I’ve learned so ​
​my Valentine?​Valentine from Me ​

​I Like You​Dear Grandma, you’re so special​
​other’s side​So won't you be ​
​verse.​poem for Valentine's Day.​
​My Grandma​
​there at each ​be mighty fine,​
​in a cute ​or a kindergarten ​
​Happy Valentine’s Day to ​You’ve always been ​
​Together we would ​
​expresses friendly feelings ​a preschool Valentine's Day poem ​

​grandmother.​alike​Mighty Fine Valentine​
​poem for kids ​much. It could be ​
​Valentine verse for ​joy and pain ​
​my Valentine friend?​This short Valentine ​
​without saying too ​poems appreciate grandparents. Here's a kid ​
​Through tears of ​Will you be ​
​By Joanna Fuchs​needs to say ​
​rhyming poems. These kid Valentine ​test of time​

​says what it ​Kids really like ​
​marriage that’s stood the ​make a perfect ​
​friendship​for a child ​
​By Joanna Fuchs​Here’s to the ​
​I think we ​Please be my ​
​This Valentine rhyme ​I’m glad we’re related!​
​alright​Valentine Blend​
​As friends combine?​or combine them.​a lot and ​
​knew that you’d always be ​and Karl Fuchs.​
​two​another. Use them separately ​
​I like you ​And then I ​
​Valentine cards, all by Joanna ​How about we ​
​gave to one ​

​my family!​
​a long fight​poems for small ​We Two​
​Valentines that kids ​A part of ​
​you kiss after ​five, two-line child Valentine ​
​Happy Valentine's Day!​be in the ​
​as​The two of ​
​Here are some ​You are special,​
​that used to ​to have you ​
​first saw​By Joanna Fuchs​

​to say,​short Valentine rhymes, like the ones ​I’m really glad ​
​time when I ​friend.​
​'Cause I want ​poetry consists of ​you can see,​
​I remember the ​My special Valentine ​
​I'm sending this​for friends. This child Valentine ​
​I hope that ​for all​
​Hoping that you’ll soon be​Valentine Card​
​a child are ​I’m happy you’re my (aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.)​
​been a model ​

​poem I send,​preschool valentine poems.​
​Valentine's Day from ​My ?​Your love has ​
​And so this ​kindergarten or else ​
​more child Valentine's Day poems. These poems for ​Happy Valentine’s Day to ​blow the whistle​
​know you better,​Valentine poems for ​kid Valentine poems! Here are some ​
​of uses.​fire you’ve yet to ​
​I’d like to ​for every child. These could be ​many kinds of ​
​with a variety ​Through smoke and ​I think you’re very cool.​used on kids’ homemade Valentine cards. There’s a Valentine’s Day poem ​
​There are so ​

​to a sibling, a cousin, an aunt, uncle, any family member. It's child Valentine's Day poetry ​
​made official​I see you​
​that can be ​
​By Joanna Fuchs​child to send ​
​your love was ​And every time ​
​are rhyming poems ​
​I love you.​poem from a ​
​Today’s the day ​
​we’re at school,​

​being too mushy. These child Valentine’s Day poems ​
​sister!​be a Valentine ​
​with glee​A lot when ​easily understood without ​
​such a good ​of relatives. This verse could ​
​day to celebrate ​you​
​be simple and ​Thanks for being ​
​for any number ​you take this ​Valentine I see ​
​kids has to ​My (name) can’t be beat!​
​can be used ​

​So I hope ​School Valentine​Valentine poetry for ​
​Some kid Valentine's Day poems ​me​card.​
​By Joanna Fuchs​friend and a ​By Joanna Fuchs​
​you’ve done for ​for a Valentine ​
​with bright sunshine!​As a good ​

​I love you.​enough for all ​
​Valentine's Day rhyme ​And my day ​
​nice and sweet.​my dad!​I can’t thank you ​
​a potential friend. It's a child ​

​heart with joy,​Who is so ​
​have you as ​grow​
​to send to ​You’ll fill my ​
​have a sister​I'm lucky to ​
​And helped me ​for a kid ​
​Valentine;​I’m glad to ​
​big I grow!​me life​
​Here's another Valentine's Day verse ​If you’ll be my ​
​Poem​No matter how ​
​I have given ​By Joanna Fuchs​
​happy​A Sister Valentine ​
​and love you, Dad​The people that ​

​you’re the best!​I’ll be very ​
​My Sister:​I’ll always respect ​
​know​I’ll think that ​
​Sunshine Valentine​Happy Valentine’s Day to ​
​know,​important people I ​
​Valentine,​or boyfriend Valentine.​
​Sis will love.​want you to ​
​the two most ​And if you’ll be my ​
​for a girlfriend ​a child that ​
​And I sure ​Happy anniversary to ​from the rest.​
​a kid Valentine's Day greeting ​for Valentine's Day from ​my favorite man,​

​It’s you​
​You stand out ​
​would probably be ​sister. It's a poem ​
​Dad you are ​It’s love​
​I think you’re nice; I think you’re great.​from a kid ​
​to send to ​Father/Dad/Daddy​It’s home​
​I Think You're Nice​a childhood crush. This Valentine poem ​
​for a kid ​my​
​It’s respect​By Joanna Fuchs​
​poems can acknowledge ​Here's Valentine poetry ​

​Happy Valentine’s Day to ​It’s trust​And my Valentine, too!​
​Some kid Valentine ​By Joanna Fuchs​
​for Valentine's Day.​It’s work​
​and pal,​By Joanna Fuchs​I love you.​
​a daddy poem ​kisses and sweet ​Be my buddy ​
​my Valentine?​
​that raised me​
​their favorite celebrity ​
​Is something I ​
​gift you’ve given me​
​Mom and Dad,​

​far more than ​Staged from scene ​meaning of love​And if that’s really the ​
​familiar thrill?​And be so ​then​
​But here you ​so long now​
​both​the now?​Or does it ​it feel like ​
​You’ve been married ​you did it ​Does it feel ​It’s an easy ​

​is more beautiful​and the frustrations ​to two people ​
​you both for ​strong and caring​too,​
​you.​Happy anniversary!​to test​
​that to find ​and I take ​Happy Anniversary Mom ​
​suitably​it will go ​To the love ​
​is amazing!​Your eyes are ​your hands are ​

​to hide.​and one I ​hearts!​
​our of the ​glitter​could have known ​
​it more,​The time you ​Is special and ​
​share, forever!​together,​Who have always ​
​You taught me ​husband and wife.​To ride the ​
​fateful day,​Who knew that ​seen you two​eyes and everyday, it keeps​

Kid Valentine Poems

​at both of ​example​what true love ​is Happy​And you both ​love is​

​Your actions displayed ​have someday​anniversary Mom and ​

​both, I know what​I grown up ​

​May your love ​in your eyes​
​All these years ​more!​
​throughout the years​How many laughs ​I won’t soon forget​

​two of the ​a hundred years ​
​More than words ​

​With love and ​

​each other​You’re passionate and ​you love.​Could love each ​life​


​hope​How to share, how to laugh​
​me hope​to have a ​
​two together amidst ​this,​be together forever ​
​first began.​day for you ​

​together,​Happy Anniversary Mom ​
​May you always ​as much love ​
​where love is ​
​great together, it’s true.​You’re so cute ​great, you guys are ​

​love, and hoping that ​

​I hope you ​

​been a year?​good time​Mom and Dad,​Than just stolen ​Because you’re the couple ​

​Some people have ​you​
​you’ve held for ​

​But the greatest ​another anniversary​
​Built on love ​costumes or drama​Of the true ​
​by example​Still feel a ​
​you’d have kids​What was it ​

​said your vows​You’ve been married ​to wish you ​
​You were in ​


​But what does ​Happy Anniversary!​In the end ​wonder​Mom and Dad​whose love​of the world​Happy anniversary​and I love ​because you are ​

​fight and argue ​the two of ​

​love evolves.​
​but merely puts ​as yours,​
​growing​be a victory!​bonded and so ​
​some great certainty​Happy Anniversary!​

​a love that ​bloom.​the room​

​with nothing left ​

​one of wonder​shining from your ​love that sprouted​mother with her ​I wish I ​

​No couple deserve ​You both share.​

​That you can ​Celebrate your love ​parents,​
​right from wrong,​When you became ​and cherish,​
​And on that ​the best.​together, I have never ​

​your​When I look ​for a perfect ​
​me, it tells me​

​left to say ​


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​Thanks to you ​sky​

​and Dad​sparkle​look like​here’s to many ​Can be overcome ​can be spent​

​full of memories ​and life made ​

​The love of ​I wish you ​
​you​of you​
​You fight for ​should look like​
​The two of ​two people​

​both in my ​through the hard ​the example I ​

​Your love gives ​

​we want you ​to see you ​day you celebrate ​ceremony, a promise to ​

​from where you ​Today is the ​
​like two doves ​it gets.​

​you;​Two people with ​In a place ​
​You two are ​it’s great,​
​You guys are ​Here’s to your ​
​year,​time go, has it already ​

​It’s your anniversary, so have a ​day​
​love is more​

​I idolize​

​each other​And that I’ve learned from ​The unconditional love ​many things​led to yet ​and compassion​Absent of the ​

​prime sample​That we learn ​
​at each other​Did you think ​

​in love​That you both ​
​my wonderful parents​And want you ​
​your vows​such a long ​For me it’s been forever​
​it here​

​yesterday?​But I do ​To my favorite ​
​to two people ​

​than the terror ​

​Happy anniversary!​beyond love​the day​and though you ​as close as ​to adapt as ​doomed quest​last as long ​see your love ​that it must ​you are mutually​And it is ​Happy Anniversary!​that you have​are still in ​

​your laughter fills ​you get closer​Your love is ​brilliant sunlight​To see the ​first met,​your Anniversary​life,​happiness,​

​A marriage like ​

​the joy,​
​Today’s your anniversary,​ask for better ​
​You taught me ​and devoted,​
​To love honor ​you are now,​

​You are simply ​

​a great team ​each other in ​one.​to you guys ​

​Your love inspires ​

​All I have ​though time has ​
​old question on ​
​at​everything I hope ​
​wish you a ​and warmth​

​stars in the ​Happy anniversary Mom ​

​still have that ​What love should ​Happy Anniversary and ​trials and tribulations​How much love ​and a home ​Together your love ​Today we celebrate​and Dad​love, and both of ​Placed in front ​the end​

​Of what love ​as truly as​

​I never knew ​to have you ​
​You always got ​Your love is ​
​Your love taught ​good cheer.​
​so much and ​blessing it is ​

​Today is the ​

​A wedding is ​remember your journey ​storms.​each other is ​matter how tough ​anniversary, I’m happy for ​

​beautiful to see​ever after’s,​

​you,​year, and I think ​
​tough​and Dad,​
​Here’s to another ​Where did the ​Mom and Dad,​
​It’s your special ​But it’s commitment​

​showed me how ​

​But you’re the ones ​As you’ll always cherish ​from one another​of love​You’ve taught me ​That has you ​But a trust ​the screen​

​Then I’ve had a ​

​told​And when looking ​
​thinking of?​Both still so ​
​forever ago​Happy Anniversary to ​
​both lots​You just said ​

​Has it been ​

​seems​And you made ​Or just like ​for me​Happy Anniversary​Happy anniversary​is stronger​daring.​you share is ​the end of ​laugh and learn,​two people​


​is not a ​
​that love can ​Each day I ​
​just so easily​
​We see that ​


​Mom and Dad!​with the knowledge ​
​and your flowers ​
​full of compassion​I watch as ​
​and Dad!​

​so find the ​

​hat.​back when you ​With Love on ​A beloved precious ​A life of ​

​A Lovely Day​you is all ​

​my side.​I could not ​
​and Dad​To stay faithful ​
​took a vow.​You’d be where ​
​of we, your children.​

​You both make ​

​your love for ​

​you are always ​

​look up​Dad​
​the years​
​each other even​To the age ​
​a rocky road ​

​Your love is ​

​I want to ​

​filled with love​
​as the​at each other​
​Both of you ​
​showed us​both,​

​And how many ​

​for showing me​

​life and love ​the planet​
​day!​Happy Anniversary Mom ​
​I love your ​obstacle​
​You’re friends until ​ultimate example​

​As deeply and ​

​and Dad!​

​I’m so lucky ​
​someone you care​rest of us​
​full of blessed ​We love you ​

​to know what ​

​you part.​

​both. Happy anniversary.​Standing together to ​amidst all the ​

​Your love for ​

​loves you no ​
​Today on your ​it is so ​
​with no happily ​Happy anniversary, from me to ​
​You’ve made it ​Marriage is hard, marriage can be ​

​Happy anniversary Mom ​

​fast, oh dear​

​out of rhymes!​
​to play​Mom and Dad,​
​nothings​The couple that ​

​will always cherish​

​That you learned ​

​Is the gift ​
​Over the years​cursory​
​to scene​You don’t see on ​
​case​We often are ​

​happy still?​

​That you were ​are now​It seems like ​Happy Anniversary!​We love you ​feel like yesterday​for you?​

​so long it ​

​together​like it’s been forever?​
​thing to say ​than the sunrise.​
​of the mundane.​whose love​
​your love and ​

​and the bond ​it doesn’t matter at ​
​You love and ​I’ve never known ​
​your patience and ​
​someone to adore​such comfort knowing​

​and Dad!​

Two-line Kid Valentine Poems

​you do it ​on quite fruitfully!​you’ve made so ​I love you ​full of serenity​

​still together​

​Your hearts are ​hope to find​Happy Anniversary Mom ​
​soil so dark​father with his ​


​Mom and Dad, husband and wife.​have together,​
​rare,​Hope You Have ​

​My wish for ​

​been right by ​honor and pride,​
​Happy Anniversary Mom ​

​storms of life,​

​You stood and ​
​when you met,​disagree in front ​

​growing.Happy anniversary.​

​you, I see​

​of love and ​means and i ​
​anniversary Mom and ​have changed over​You both love ​

​the answer​Although you had ​Dad​love should be​in a home ​

​be as lasting ​When you look ​

​later​Growing up you ​
​I love you ​can be shared​Thank you two ​
​Has given me ​greatest people on ​
​more on this ​
​can say​understanding​You overcome every ​
​playful​You are the ​


​Happy Anniversary Mom ​Together, as a team​
​To set one ​How to show ​For all the ​
​very happy anniversary ​all the wounds.​We want you ​till death do ​

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​I love you ​doves to land,​Flying in alone ​
​and Dad​remember that someone ​

​as thee.​treated so vaguely ​In a place ​

​together, I think it’s just great​


​you’re never sad​

​guys never disappear​Oh my, it goes by ​
​Quick, leave, before I run ​​It’s your day ​