​of your performance.​pause.​WORLD SHOULD SEE…​WAY,​
​, ​a crucial element ​pause and, if so, how long to ​OUR BAD, I WANT THE ​
​WALKING ON THE ​, ​each poem, and it is ​
​websites: ​be different for ​of poetry. Decide whether a ​
​GO…..​DESTINY IS MILES ​This information from ​or mournful tone? Your interpretation will ​a defining feature ​
​OUR HANDS , TO LET IT ​WIN THE RACE,​for details.​or slowly, with a happy ​• Line breaks are ​
​LOOSE BUT IN ​I HAVE TO ​accuracy score sheet ​recited more quickly ​

​in your poem. Articulate.​TO WIN OUR ​
​WIN THE RACE,​recitation. Refer to the ​
​boisterous poem? Should it be ​pronounce every word ​
​a perfectly accurate ​quiet poem? Is it a ​
​know how to ​NOT LOOSE HOPE…​
​ON MY FACE,​your score for ​
​poem. Is it a ​
​• Make sure you ​SHADOW, BUT WE SHOULD ​

​voice of your ​a sing-song manner.​LOOSE OUR OWN ​TO ENGRAVE THE ​your accuracy score. Eight points will ​
​the tone and ​to recite in ​SOMETIMES WE MAY ​GOLD.​be subtracted from ​
​you should interpret ​• With rhymed poems, be careful not ​TEARS….​AND SHINE LIKE ​
​during your recitation, points will also ​• Think about how ​unnatural or awkward.​EYES FULL OF ​
​TO GARNISH MYSELF ​on the prompter ​
​audience.​the language sounds ​
​for each. If you rely ​apparent to the ​
​so slowly that ​BUT THAT SHOULD ​TO MAKE MYSELF ​during the recitation, with small deductions ​

​it will be ​hard to understand. Do not communicate ​
​or incorrect words ​
​unsure about something ​nervous, making the poem ​HARD, LIFE MAY HAVE ​
​OF DOING SOMETHING ​will mark missed ​
​your poem. If you are ​too quickly when ​TIMES MAY BE ​
​A LOVELY INTENTION ​A separate judge ​
​and line in ​pace. People may communicate ​
​GRACE.​scores.​of every word ​
​fitting and natural ​WAS TAUGHT , ITS THE LIFE ​FACE PUTS ON ​
​all of your ​know the meaning ​
​• Proceed at a ​DAY WHEN I ​
​I SHINE MY ​ripple positively throughout ​
​• Be sure you ​for good projection.​I REMEMBER THE ​
​FACE,​with a poem, that internalization will ​in your poem.​
​row. However, don’t mistake shouting ​PAINS….​
​FALLS ON MY ​able to connect ​the messages, meanings, allusions, irony, tones of voice, and other nuances ​
​in the back ​

​SHOWER OF DAWN​speaks to you. If you are ​
​the poem fully. Be attentive to ​of everyone, including the people ​
​is one that ​• You must understand ​
​audience. Capture the attention ​TO TAKE A ​
​C.O.N.F.I.D.E.N.C.E​poem you choose ​
​Tips:​• Project to the ​
​WHEN I WISH ​the sky.​
​Make sure each ​delivery.​
​Tips:​TO BE CLEAR….​
​I gotta reach ​more difficult one.​use intonation, emphasis, tone, and style of ​
​the National Finals.​AT MY PAST,BUT NOTHING APPEARS ​
​my knee's​not necessarily a ​
​poem better. To do this, you must effectively ​a microphone at ​
​WHEN I STARE ​Not down on ​

​longer poem is ​to understand the ​
​Keep in Mind: Contestants will use ​NOT NEAR…..​up high​
​of your poems, remember that a ​helps the audience ​Pacerhythmintonation, and proper pronunciation​
​AND AUTUMNS ARE ​With my head ​range and complexity ​
​a way that ​Video Examples:​ARE SO LONG ​
​being me​various styles, time periods, complexities, themes, and tones. When considering the ​voice them in ​

​language and confidence—without appearing artificial.​WHEN THE WINTERS ​Im gonna keep ​
​the classroom level, select poems of ​be able to ​
​presence, including appropriate body ​STAND STILL……​night.​
​• For competitions beyond ​take precedence, and you should ​audience through physical ​
​WORSHIP AND TIME ​I got all ​Tips:​
​of the poem. The poet’s words should ​with the audience. Engagement with the ​STOP BEING A ​

​the top.​to the poem.​comprehension and mastery ​
​Ease and comfort ​WHEN THE WORKS ​
​Until I reach ​a manner inappropriate ​to evaluate your ​
​strong recitation:​REAL….​tight.​
​the poem, or conveyed in ​This category is ​Qualities of a ​
​TO BE SO ​Gonna hold on ​the meaning of ​

​Video Examples:​notice.​HAPPY,ANS SADNESS APPEARS ​
​on​are poorly presented, ineffective in conveying ​inflection, singing, excessive gestures, or unnecessary emoting.​
​natural. Enjoy your poem—the judges will ​STOPS MAKING ME ​I'm gonna hold ​
​for recitations that ​and accents, inappropriate tone and ​
​• Relax and be ​WHEN THE HAPPINESS ​
​a habbit.​will be awarded ​

​affected character voices ​your score.​
​SO UNEVEN,THAT I CAN'T WALK….​It's kind of ​
​choice. A low score ​recitations that have ​

​will detract from ​
​AND DOWNS ARE ​being me​
​regardless of poem ​will result from ​

​lack of confidence ​WHEN THE UPS ​Im gonna keep ​remains the same ​
​in this category ​• Nervous gestures and ​
​LONELY………..​had it.​style of interpretation ​

​focal point. A low score ​audience.​
​LURES,AND LIFE IS ​Confidence, you wish you ​
​note that your ​

​without becoming the ​
​connection with the ​WHEN THE STARDOM ​Confidence​
​performance when judges ​of the poem ​

​make a direct ​GOES DARK, AND MOON DISAPPEARS……​It will fade.​
​well in overall ​underscores the meaning ​
​and be attentive. Use good posture. Be confident and ​WHEN THE SKY ​And it wasn't fair enough​
​likely to score ​The interpretation subtly ​
​• Present yourself well ​
​me?​wasn't meant​with this score; you are less ​strong recitation:​
​Tips:​It's time for ​But if it ​
​of your recitations ​Qualities of a ​Body language, and poise​
​Could it be​Yes, maybe love don't fade easily​
​complexity and range ​performance seem insincere.​• Accuracy​free​
​a paramour​consider the poem ​can make your ​
​• Overall Performance​Now I am ​
​reason to be ​Judges may also ​
​• Avoid monotone delivery. However, too much enthusiasm ​• Evidence of Understanding​
​a disaster.​
​That's not a ​honor the poem?​

​thin one. When uncertain, leave them out.​• Dramatic Appropriateness​
​It was just ​lover​
​• Did the performance ​overdone is a ​
​• Voice and Articulation​of “ever after”​
​i'm a fake ​into the poem?​
​between appropriate and ​
​• Physical Presence​In the world ​
​So don't tell me ​to breathe life ​be appropriate, but the line ​poetry recitation.​
​didn't belong​really for you​
​target and unified ​poem, occasional gestures may ​
​the art of ​I saw we ​
​A true love ​
​all seem on ​• Depending on the ​
​Created to illustrate ​I grew strong​
​I give love,yes i do​
​presence, voice and articulation, and dramatic appropriateness ​do the work.​Tralena Chadburn Reeves​
​on​feel my absence​
​• Did your physical ​of the poem ​
​start.​From that day ​I'll let him ​
​of the poem?​physical illustration. Let the words ​So, with truth, I've found my ​

​good bye​
​back,​a better understanding ​
​communicate without a ​

​Then you said ​
​him to come ​
​the audience to ​strong enough to ​
​please and gladden ​

​Your pathetic lie​
​I won't wait for ​• Did you bring ​
​your poem is ​I want to ​
​Silly me, I believed​

​I won't waste time,​
​the poem?​poem. Have confidence that ​
​sing​Your love, it decieved​
​rid of me​

​the language of ​
​vessel of your ​
​heart, my voice will ​

​starting to get ​
​the audience with ​
​• You are the ​I'll lift my ​
​in that gilded ​

​that a person ​
​• Did you captivate ​
​poem’s voice.​the string​
​with rage​

​When i sense ​
​of its parts.​detract from the ​
​Like melody upon ​
​As I screamed ​

​than the sum ​of the poem. Movement must not ​
​men to heavens, goal​
​my disguise​falling and on ​

​has become more ​
​out each word ​To lift all ​
​And Look through ​Keep me from ​
​which the recitation ​• Do not act ​

​touch the soul​
​eyes​magic for me​
​the poem, the degree to ​Tips:​
​Truths profound that ​you couldn't open your ​
​you do comes ​overall success of ​
​the poem’s language.​pen​
​deserved more​Every little thing ​
​to evaluate the ​
​poem without overshadowing ​heart with written ​
​to know I ​touch​
​This category is ​enjoyment of the ​
​To touch the ​soar​
​you keep in ​Video Examples:​
​the audience’s understanding and ​fellow men​
​I longed to ​As long as ​of the poem.​
​gestures. Appropriate interpretation enhances ​write of my ​
​to someone,even in extraterrestrial​obscures the meaning ​rather than excessive ​

​I want to ​wanted me to ​
​I easily fall ​
​if the interpretation ​of the poem ​
​that others view​Is who you ​pretty fake script,don't even compliment​
​will be awarded ​a powerful internalization ​
​In written hand ​could see​
​Don't do just ​the performance. A low score ​will rely on ​

​others so​
​But all I ​anymore​
​are captured by ​
​its language. A strong performance ​Noble works that ​
​to be free.​don't like me ​
​poem. Meaning, themes, allusions, irony, tone, and other nuances ​conveying a poem’s sense with ​
​words, the truth- I've found.​I just wanted ​
​So if you ​and enlivens the ​
​Recitation is about ​To write in ​I am me,​
​doesn't want me​audience. The interpretation deepens ​
​Video Examples:​
​are- profound​IN LIFE……!!!!!!!!​
​To someone who ​
​conveyed to the ​the poem.​
​write poems that ​BE A WINNER ​

​myself​powerfully and clearly ​
​enhance the recitation. Pacing appropriate to ​I want to ​
​OF LIFE​born to insist ​
​the poem is ​correctly, and the projection, rhythm, and intonation greatly ​BE JUST MEE​
​CHANGE THE PHASE ​I was not ​The meaning of ​All words pronounced ​
​strong recitation:​strong recitation:​BE MYSELF ALWAYS ​CHANGE THE WAY ​
​If you got ​Qualities of a ​Qualities of a ​
​I WANT TO ​about me.​

​same person that ​are my friends,​They say they ​
​Someday SOON….​Not treated like ​
​I`m always the ​“The Nerd,”​different!​
​But you'll never be ​but happy.​

​A silly laugh.​On the path ​
​I will not ​No feat is ​stride,​
​mind,​And keep my ​of it​
​my eyes​see.​“You are important.”​

​“You are important.”​“You are important.”​“You are important.”​“You can’t even see.”​
​“You’re not important.”​
​My best friend ​Mom tells me.​Everyone laughs at ​
​strong,​all behind,​

​So maybe I’m strong, maybe I’m weak​
​I feel it​always wrong.​
​Always used to ​It doesn’t matter how ​doubts,​
​Remember CONFESSION is ​Now say to ​Tell them you ​

​ME​I am good ​

​see​to accept them ​
​when they accept ​new day​
​two​Self-respecting and conscience ​

​know,​I see what ​
​bluff and empty ​like myself.​
​But here in ​I want to ​
​man I really ​and go​

​closet shelf​And hate myself ​
​myself straight in ​myself to know;​
​to be me.​I know exactly ​
​Choose to be ​be someone,​
​Someone whose rich ​

​or someone who's free.​If I could ​
​it would be ​if my life ​
​i do know ​rude,​standing up for ​
​I can hide ​i tend to ​to me.​
​stay awake and ​everyone don't know…​
​I never can ​myself…​down but look ​
​that must know ​I’m going to ​Because I’m not a ​
​for me​Who else would ​
​way you are, never change for ​destiny to win ​
​better than you ​not too fake​You're too cute ​anyone​
​loud,​know the truth ​
​I am the ​They say they ​
​could replace me….EVER!!​day,​

​doesn`t hurt.​They call me ​
​I`ve always been ​me silly,​
​to be anything ​silly smile,​I cannot shy​

​For my dreams ​tomorrow.​
​And with each ​My peace of ​
​days,​As I dream ​
​My heart becomes ​Maybe I can ​

​But I can’t even see.​But I can’t even see.​
​But I can’t even see.​I can’t even see.”​
​I stumble.​
​But I can’t even see.​
​“You are important.”​
​“You are important.”​“I am important.”​

​will always be ​Can’t leave it ​
​about it.​
​you see,​But everything was ​
​is stronger.​allowed,​
​which makes me ​I'm a legend…….​

​who you are​critics​
​To everyone out ​
​you say about ​And that's cool cos ​

​be your first ​be the most ​
​you are than ​Then you will ​But you have ​
​are in love ​everyday is a ​not one or ​
​be​others may never ​me,​That I'm bluster and ​be able to ​
​deserve all men's respect;​in sham.​The kind of ​as I come ​
​keep on a ​setting sun​Always to look ​be fit for ​
​I would choose ​be someone,​and the paparazzi,​
​If I could ​all ways.​My mother, my father,​im simply me.​with acoustic songs.​
​sleepless night, blinding your eyes.​faults but,​tolerance for the ​I fight, dace and destroy​
​when i want.​enough.​but it belongs ​
​what happen, I want to ​I know what ​that I'm nothing…​others because of ​
​head not look ​I'm the one ​what you see​can not be​
​So why change ​I am​I love the ​It's you're life your ​But remember, no one is ​
​true which is ​walk​me not for ​
​Too bad. I GAY AND ​this time more ​But now you ​way.​

​it everyday.​`Cause no one ​That`s me! But hopefully some ​
​my times of ​But, that don`t mean it ​
​friends.​I`m different,​
​You can call ​Because life's to short ​

​I have a ​high,​scary​
​Dreaming the better ​follow.​no sorrow.​
​I press my ​Here I sit,​
​day.​“I think you’re awesome.”​

​“You are amazing.”​one of you.”​
​anything.”​“I can’t do anything.​He laughs as ​
​fun.”​But I can’t even see.​“You can’t even see.”​
​soon.​I know past ​
​the time​

Learning Recitation Videos

​without doing anything ​To see what ​.​

​But the feeling ​

​which is not ​

​in my head,​


​But you are ​

​looking at your ​

Physical Presence

​I AM​

​I don't care anything ​

​I am ME​I might not ​I might not ​No one is ​wanna be.​

​perfect two,​You know you ​You are you, stay that way,​change You​

​Whatever happens, I want to ​I know what ​hide myself from ​

​come and go​I want to ​

​I want to ​dress myself up ​know​And fool myself ​I don't want to ​

​stand with the ​

Voice and Articulation

​days go by,​
​I want to ​from all,​If I could ​

​Free from rants ​

​days.​Whose different in ​be?​Dear Romeo, im no Juliet;​it's be filled ​sunrise after a ​

​i won't admit my ​i have no ​i know.​what i want ​are more than ​fairly bland,​so no matter ​everyone not see…​mirror and realize ​

​be respected by ​go with my ​with myself so ​

​Get used to ​Being someone I ​you​I am who ​

​let it go​that's not u​just go away​You are too ​but you simply ​not even for ​

​it,​it again and ​

​be,​they acting that ​but I see ​for BEING MYSELF!!​

​Shunned, Picked on, and lonely,​

Dramatic Appropriateness

​Cast aside in ​to it.​Or having any ​I'm unhappy.​me a goof,​everything​follow.​My head held ​Or obstacle too ​pride​My dreams I'd like to ​A life with ​

​no tomorrow.​

​can see.​I’m told every ​at school.​laughs.​“You’re the only ​

​“You can do ​I say, 5 years later.​at school.​“You’re so much ​great things.”​“That’s not true.” They said.​will fade out ​my mind.​to deny all ​

​me weak,​in the mirror​as you want ​I’m strong.​in my heart,​Theres a thought ​

​I'm the best ​they say​better way of ​

​as good as ​and ME​

​a great CHOICE​beauty in FULL​that too.​But always remember.​Be what you ​Then you'll be the ​fade away.​You.​No One can ​fool myself- and so,​see,​

​I never can ​

Evidence of Understanding

​think as I ​fame and pelf,​my head erect,​I don't want to ​nobody else will ​secrets about myself,​I've done.​I don't want to ​be able as ​live with myself, and so,​Unique and different ​and glee.​to be free.​

​Or has those ​

​could be someone​Who could I ​be me.​list,​

​i am the ​and homophobic.​in.​better than anyone ​saying and doing ​but my friends ​My life is ​fool myself…​I see what ​

​look on the ​I want to ​I want to ​I must live ​Unwilling to break​life​I won’t change for ​you are.​your hands to ​they are then ​new day don't let it ​mute​way you talk ​Never change yourself ​

​a problem with ​I will say ​

​I use to ​Than why are ​don't judge me,​I`ll be accepted ​a human-being!​odd one out,​But I`ve gotten used ​Never fitting in,​able to say ​You can call ​I giggle at ​I've begun to ​shadow.​

​to weary,​

Overall Performance

​I take in ​I leave behind​gaze​A future with ​And now I ​I am important​Says the boy ​My best friend ​

​My sister frowns.​Mom tells me.​“I’m not important.”​Says the boy ​

​says​“You can do ​me​But the marks ​

​Everything is crossing ​But I have ​And it makes ​I needn’t to look ​be to act ​hard I’ve tried​

​There’s a feeling ​POSSESSION​

​yourself,​are not what ​There is a ​It's just that,you are not ​at being MYSELF ​But I am ​But I have ​Hope you know ​the real me.​too.​you for you.​don't let yourself ​people can change ​free.​I never can ​others may never ​show.​I don't want to ​this struggle for ​go out with ​


​Into thinking that ​A lot of ​for the things ​the eye;​I want to ​I have to ​who to be…​filled with joy ​

​I would choose ​or famous,​I wish I ​be someone,​boring, but it would ​was a play ​i make mistakes.​or the racist ​what i believe ​


​my emotions,​be impulsive​i'm not popular,​have pride…​I never can ​hide from myself…​I don't want to ​forward …​who am I…​be me.​fake​I won’t waste my ​I be​others the way ​or loose in ​

​if you think ​Everyday is a ​
​but act too ​​I love the ​