​​• Afternoon. I made an ​you, Mr. Thomas. This is my ​• Good afternoon, and welcome to ​is!​, ​• Morning, Sister Mary.​ • Good to see ​

​you?​• Look who it ​
​websites: ​
​gift for you, my dear teacher. Merry Christmas!​day!​
​• Good morning, sir. Can I help ​• Good morning sir, how are you?​
​This information from ​see. I have a ​
​• Shalom Shalom, good evening, have a good ​feeling today?​

​you again?​perm at four.​
​• Long time no ​
​our Career Day.​
​• How are you ​
​• Long time, no see​

​appointment for a ​
​colleague Mr. Smith, David Smith.​
​• Nice to see ​• How have you ​
​been up to?​
​doing?​list of different ​
​• How are ya?​to meet you​

​• What have you ​• How are you ​
​“hello” in English; they are “hi”, “howdy”, “welcome”, “hey”, “salute”, etc. Below is a ​• Welcome​
​• It is nice ​you​

Different Words For Hi

​and ESL infographic.​ways to say ​• Yo!​

​• Stay safe​cat dragged in!​• Good to see ​

​“hello” with example sentences ​
​word for “hello”? There are many ​• Bonjour​been?​

​• Look what the ​• Howdy​
​ways to say ​
​What is another ​